Our Team Profile

Superior Syndications was formed by racing enthusiasts Luke Jamieson and Cameron Bennett. Both have previous racing industry experience as owners as well as horse managers, bloodstock agent, jockey manager and handicappers.

Hearing the frustrations of fellow owners involved in other syndicates, such as poor communication and over the top purchase prices, they decided to create syndicates with a difference, where ownership was more than just being a name in the book, but an experience in the fantastic world of racing and the racing community.

Superior Syndications want all owners to share in the whole racing experience. We want to take you on a stud tour to learn about how the breeding industry works, teach you how to read a race and how it will be run. When to bet and not to bet. Stable BBQs and Syndicate Race Days. Come and join us in the ultimate racehorse ownership experience.

Check out their profiles below:


Luke Jamieson, Director

Luke grew up in a horse family. With 3 younger sisters being typically 'horse mad' girls, he resisted the equine world for a long time.

It was later in life, when Luke had established himself in the corporate world and built a successful career in Business Development and business Management that he started to take a keen interest in the Sport of Kings.

It started slowly, owning small shares here and there, but when his younger sister commenced a jockey apprenticeship, he found himself right in the thick of it and in a short period was managing a dozen horses, representing dozens of owners and spending his days liaising with owners, trainers breeders and agents. He built his own racing stable, Propero Thoroughbreds, on a model of value, searching for undervalued horses he could put in his colours and find a win here or there. In his first 12 months he had 9 winners frames on his wall, from horses he was procuring for as little as $1500.

Now as a co-founder of Superior Syndications, he'll apply the same approach to find the value in horses but with bigger goals, whilst always remembering why he loves the world so much, the excitement isn't isolated to the racetrack, there's a big racing community out there that's just great to be a part of.



Cameron Bennett, Director

Cameron has spent most of his working life within the racing industry. He has worked as a bloodstock agent and jockey manager for the last 5 years assisting trainers, breeders, studs and owners with great success.

The previous 12 years was spent as a form analyst for one of Australia's biggest professional punters. With his industry knowledge and passion for racehorse ownership it wasn't long before he combined with Luke to form the ultimate racehorse ownership model 'Superior Syndications'.

Cameron wants all owners to experience the thrill of winning, as there is no better feeling than watching your horse be first past the post. His passion is to give all owners the ultimate racing experience across the board is paramount.